Ventilation of the roof and the attic space directly under it are some of the few aspects of your roof that is crucial to the long term performance of your home. Musty smell as well as nulling asphalt shingle manufacturer’s warranty is a direct result of insufficient ventilation. 

It is crucial that when you contact your roofing contractor, proper ventilation must be considered. Thankfully, roofing companies such as roofers La Crosse WI are equipped with skills and knowledge to provide the professional service that you need and guarantees customer satisfaction. 


Various products and techniques can be used to ensure ventilation. It is prudent to know how much ventilation is needed before exploring on how to ventilate an attic space. Most building codes require proper ventilation so it is important that you follow the protocols. There are many different options available to ensure adequate ventilation is provided to your attic, here are some.  

    Ridge Vent 

This type of ventilation is place along the ridge line of your home. A 1-inch wide strip of roof decking is cut out along both sides of the ridge line prior to the installation of the ridge vent to allow movement of air throughout your vent. It is critical that the movement of air is not impeded by any framing members of your home. 

    Insulation Baffles/Soffit Vents 

Making sure that there is a point of entry and a point of exit for the flow of air is a crucial part of installing any system of ventilation in your roof system. It is advisable that you review the soffit areas of the home for soffit vents. Movement of air from the soffits of your residence to the ridge is allowed by the soffit vents.  

To prevent the attic insulation from migrating into the cavities and restrict the flow of air from the soffit vents, insulation baffles must be installed at the point where the attic floor meets the roof line.  

    Powered Attic Fans/ Whole House Fans 

To draw out an air of the attic space and exhaust it to the exterior, you must install vents and fans on the roof system. These fans can be controlled using a thermostat that detects buildup of heat in the space of your attic and automatically exhausts your attic space. Depending upon the location of the fan in your home, you can avail of the solar powered fans. 

    Gable Vents 

Gable vents are installed in the ends of your home’s gable. To allow the air to be drawn out of the attic space, these apertures are normally louvered. Even though it allows the air to escape, it prevents moisture from snow and rain from blowing back into your home. 

    Other Options 

Depending upon the construction of your home, there are many other options that can be used. These include mushroom vents, louvered dormers, and other options that ensure proper ventilation in the targeted areas. 

Ventilation is important to the various aspects of your home. The comfort ability of your home as well as the life expectancy of the roof and performance of the air conditioning and heating systems can be all affected by the inadequate ventilation throughout your home.